Act fast — you can get two Chromecasts for just $40 on Cyber Monday

If you’re looking to get a better, smarter TV experience this year, look no further than these amazing Chromecast deals. This is one seriously great Cyber Monday smart home deal that’ll get you $20 off this 2-pack of 3rd-generation Chromecasts, making it easy to put one on your living room TV and bedroom TV.

Chromecasts are already the most affordable way to upgrade your TV thanks to Google’s smart software and chic hardware.

You’ll be impressed with its simplicity from the get-go. Setup is as easy as plugging it into an HDMI port on your TV and connecting the USB cable for power. You can use the included wall outlet plug or, in some cases, your TV’s USB port to power your Chromecast.

This 3rd-generation Chromecast features 1080p resolution output at 60Hz, so you’ll be getting a Full HD-quality image from anything you cast to it.

If you’ve somehow never used a Chromecast before, sending a video to it is as easy as opening a supported app on your smartphone — an easy task since thousands of apps support casting — clicking the cast button, and selecting the Chromecast on your home’s Wi-Fi network.

You can even cast your phone’s display right to the TV with the click of a button on most Android phones.

If you’re more of the local video type, pairing a Chromecast with one of the best Cyber Monday NAS deals will make it easy to browse your favorite local video apps like Plex and cast straight to your TV without much fuss.

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Get a Chromecast for every room with these great Cyber Monday deals

You can, of course, choose to upgrade to the Chromecast with Google TV for that same $40. Instead of two Chromecasts, though, you’ll be getting one super-powered Chromecast that comes with a remote and a full Google TV interface.

You can still cast any supported videos or photos to this Chromecast, but the remote and Google TV interface might just be the preferable method of accessing your favorite networks like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and hundreds of others. These are proper TV apps too, so you can expect the best quality and great, fast navigation experiences every time.

If you’ve got a slow cable box that just can’t handle modern apps, this is what you need. If you’re really diligent, you can even emulate classic game systems right on Google’s powerful little puck. It’s an amazing purchase and something every TV needs!

Cyber Monday Deals

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