Best cables for Samsung Galaxy S22 in 2022

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 smartphones have a plethora of advanced features, including super-fast charging capabilities. While the Galaxy S22 can charge at up to 25W, the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra are capable of hitting up to 45W charging speeds. However, the cable Samsung ships with its smartphones tops out at 25W. So if you want faster charging speeds, you not only need a fast wall charger, but also a special e-marked cable. Here are some of the best Galaxy S22 cables available in the market. It’s worth noting that they also work with many other devices having USB-C charging support.

Check out the best Galaxy S22 cables you can buy

The best Galaxy S22 cables need special e-marking chips

If you want to take advantage of super-fast charging speeds for your Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone, you need a Power Delivery (PD) charger that also supports the Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standard. Apart from that, you’ll also need a special e-marked cable that has an integrated chip that allows it to negotiate the best charging current with the smartphone. Finding e-marked cables in the 60W range can be a tad difficult, since you can make Power Delivery (PD) charging cables up to 3A (maximum wattage 60W) without e-marker chips, but 5A (100W) cables have to have them, so they’re your surefire bet for the Galaxy S22 series smartphones. And when combined with the best Samsung Galaxy S22 chargers, they’ll give you charging speeds that are worthy of the S22’s top-tier experience. 

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