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Bixby Enables Users to Launch Key Galaxy AI Features

In a world increasingly supported by artificial intelligence, Samsung is taking steps to enable easy and seamless AI usability in Galaxy users’ day-to-day lives with its voice assistant Bixby.


Earlier this year we launched the Galaxy S24 and, with it, Galaxy AI, kicking off a new era of mobile experiences. Now, thanks to Galaxy AI’s integration with Bixby’s voice activation capabilities, users can empower their everyday through the quick and easy activation of these features – just by speaking. With Bixby, users can quickly bring up and activate Galaxy AI features1 hands-free, taking away the need to physically search through your device to find the feature of your choice.



Hands-Free AI Empowerment with Bixby

Bixby makes it easier to use Galaxy’s intuitive voice-oriented features, like Live Translate. Users can even more seamlessly explore features such as real-time translation, spelling correction, and creation of webpage summaries and automated note covers.


Let’s take Interpreter as an example. Next time you find yourself in conversation with someone who speaks another language, no longer do you need to take a moment to find and click into the Interpreter feature – simply say, “Hi Bixby, turn on Interpreter,” and you’re off.


No more being slowed down as you navigate to the feature you need. Galaxy AI is closer even than at your fingertips. One simple voice command, and these new possibilities – from enabling barrier-free communication to boosting productivity – are yours to enjoy.

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Accessible AI Around the World

Samsung is dedicated to making everyday experiences epic for all its users, no matter where they are. Bixby activation of Galaxy AI will be applied to all supporting languages: Chinese, English (US, UK, and India), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America).



1 Not all Galaxy AI features are supported with Bixby.

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