Caria app helps debunk the myths of menopause

In the field of women’s health, medical advancement has focused on birth control and fertility treatments, even though women spend several years and an average of $20,000 in trial-and-error treatments, doctor’s visits, and products trying to get the right diagnosis and treatment for menopause. 

Co-founders Arfa Rehman and Scott Gorman saw the need for guidance and support during menopause, and together they launched Caria (formerly called Clio) — a personalized guide to help users understand menopausal changes and manage their symptoms. 

“There is a lack of education about menopause and its treatments in the medical community, as only 20 percent of ob-gyn residency programs in the US have a formal menopause curriculum,” says Rehman, who is also CEO of Caria. “As a result, many medical professionals don’t have the training to diagnose and treat menopausal symptoms, often leaving women with insufficient options and support.”

In a survey conducted by the Female Founders Fund, 78 percent of respondents indicated that menopause interferes with their lives, and 23 percent of respondents indicated that menopause had either “a great deal” or “completely debilitating” impact on their lives.

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