Do These 10 Things First With Your Galaxy Z Flip 4

Our Galaxy Z Flip 4 review should be along here shortly, and spoiler alert – I’m a big, big fan, outside of the camera. But since so many of you probably have your devices by now and that review isn’t as important at the moment, we wanted to get this video out. Yep, it’s “First 10 Things To Do” time, because you need to be a day-1 champ with your new Flip phone.

In this deep dive on the first 10 things to do with your Galaxy Z Flip 4, we walk through customizing the cover screen for max convenience, reducing Samsung’s bloated animations, how to hide all those damn Samsung Wallet shortcuts, the best was to customize your home screen and quick settings areas, and the advanced features to turn on. We also show you the quickest way to take advantage of this foldable’s Flex Mode.

As always, this is a long one with tons of tips and tricks, but we like to talk about why each of these changes is worth looking at out of the box. It’s what we do.

You loving your Flip 4 so far?

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