Ghost of Tsushima for PS4: List of all outfits and armor

Samurai Clan HelmetWorn with pride by the samurai of Tsushima.Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai Clan Helmet Cropped Samurai Clan Helmet – RefinedWorn with pride by the samurai of Tsushima.Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai Clan Helmet Refined Cropped Sword Master’s HatWorn by wanderers whose first duty is mastery of the blade.Ghost Of Tsushima Sword Masters Hat Cropped Sakai Clan HelmetHallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan.Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Cropped Sakai Clan Helmet – ImprovedHallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan.Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Improved Cropped Sakai Clan Helmet – RefinedFor the leader of the Sakai clan. Previously worn by Jin’s father, Kazumasa Sakai.Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Refined Cropped Tadayori’s Hat – ImprovedWorn by Tadayori, legendary archer and Azamo Bay’s savior.Ghost Of Tsushima Tadayoris Hat Improved Cropped Ghost HeadbandThe headband of Tsushima’s legendary Ghost.Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Headband Cropped Patchwork Straw HatSimple, unaffected, and repaired by its owner for many years.Ghost Of Tsushima Patchwork Straw Hat Cropped Bowman’s Straw HatFavored by skilled archers.Ghost Of Tsushima Bowmans Straw Hat Cropped Farmer’s Straw HatFavored by farmers and those who support them.Ghost Of Tsushima Farmers Straw Hat Cropped Wood Spirit Straw HatFor those who walk the lonely forests and bogs of Tsushima.Ghost Of Tsushima Wood Spirit Straw Hat Cropped Weathered Straw HatIt may have been better days, but it has lived a full life.Ghost Of Tsushima Weathered Straw Hat Cropped Wanderer’s Straw HatKeeps the rain off your face and the sun from your eyes.Ghost Of Tsushima Wanderers Straw Hat Cropped Betrayer’s HatLast worn by a childhood friend… and a traitor to Tsushima.Ghost Of Tsushima Betrayers Hat Cropped Headband of UncertaintyOcean out of reach. An Unknown world teems with life. Nowhere left to go.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Uncertainty Cropped Headband of StrifeClose being the veil. Struggle and cry out for help. Shattered, but alive.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Strife Cropped Band of the Second SonThe colors of a warrior from a dstant time and place.Ghost Of Tsushima Band Of The Second Son Cropped Headband of DefeatPure of heart and soul. Warriors fall, birthed anew. Gasping for new life.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Defeat Cropped Headband of SurvivalThriving in the dark. The outstretched hands left to fend. Answers never found.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Survival Cropped Headler’s HeadbandCherished by the healers of Akashima.Ghost Of Tsushima Healers Headband Cropped Headband of PreservationSights set high above. A journey’s path never known. Rushing past failure.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Preservation Cropped Sago Blue HeadbandHandcrafted in the northen rown of Sago, famed for its dyes.Ghost Of Tsushima Sago Blue Headband Cropped Headband of SerenityWhispers through the trees. Swaying freely in the wind. Growing ever strong.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Serenity Cropped Gosaku’s Helmet – ImprovedWorn by Gosaku, famed protector of Tsushima’s farmers.Ghost Of Tsushima Gosakus Helmet Improved Cropped Gosaku’s Helmet – RefinedGosaku’s helmet gave rise to his nickname, the Tiger of Tsushima.Ghost Of Tsushima Gosakus Helmet Refined Cropped Kensei Hat – ImprovedA trophy taken from the straw hat duelist Kojiro.Ghost Of Tsushima Kensei Hat Improved Cropped Kensei Hat – RefinedA trophy taken from the straw hat duelist Kojiro.Ghost Of Tsushima Kensei Hat Refined Cropped Headband of RebirthA journey awaits. A welcome escape from all. Wash the fear away.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Rebirth Cropped Headband of FearSecrets buried deep. Shifting shadows beckon forth. Guided by night’s glow.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Fear Cropped Gyozen’s BlindfoldWorn by the keepers of Tsushima’s legends.Ghost Of Tsushima Gyozens Blindfold Cropped Headband of RuinShattered and hopeless. Bowing to devastation. Accepting our fate.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Ruin Cropped Headband of DeathBasked in peace, we rest. The earth’s cold grasp, underneath. Flourishing and free.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Death Cropped Headband of PerseveranceBanded together. Fear of what’s lurking beneath. Trained to never fail.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Perseverance Cropped Crooked Kama HeadbandReap your enemies like rice at harvest time.Ghost Of Tsushima Crooked Kama Headband Cropped Chaos HeadbandPrefered by those who sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies.Ghost Of Tsushima Chaos Headband Cropped Noble Fighter’s HeadbandOnly those with worthy ambitions may wear this headband.Ghost Of Tsushima Noble Fighters Headband Cropped Clear Summer HeadbandRefreshing as a sea breeze in summer.Ghost Of Tsushima Clear Summer Headband Cropped Fierce Warrior’s HeadbandHeralds the relentless futy of a warrior without fear.Ghost Of Tsushima Fierce Warroirs Headband Cropped Headband of PeaceFollowing the breeze. Deep breaths released to the wind. Prepared to change course.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Peace Cropped Kensei HeadbandA trophy taken from the Straw Hat duelist Kojiro.Ghost Of Tsushima Kensei Headband Cropped Gosaku’s HeadbandWorn by the legendary Gosaku.Ghost Of Tsushima Gosakus Headband Cropped Pure Intent HeadbandFor warriors whose purpose and commitment never waver.Ghost Of Tsushima Pure Intent Headband Cropped Mongol HelmetWorn by Mongol soldiers.Ghost Of Tsushima Mongol Helmet Cropped Hinode HeadbandBrilliant as the sunlight that drives away evil spirits.Ghost Of Tsushima Hinode Headband Cropped Tora HeadbandImparts the fury and cunning of the tiger to its wearer.Ghost Of Tsushima Tora Headband Cropped Serpent Strike HeadbandDyed the shade of a venemous snake, so beware the wearer’s bite.Ghost Of Tsushima Serpent Strike Headband Cropped Warrior’s Sunset HeadbandAs day gives way to night, blood and fire to follow.Ghost Of Tsushima Warriots Sunset Headband Plum Blossom HeadbandOne day peace will return to Tsushima, like a cool night breeze that rustles the plum trees.Ghost Of Tsushima Plum Blossom Headband Cropped Headband of RefugeCalm waters, calm mind. Darkness fades in brilliant light. We rise together.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Refuge Cropped Night Ocean HeadbandFor a warrior who strikes from the depths of unknown darkness.Ghost Of Tsushima Night Ocean Headband Cropped Kyoto Twilight HeadbandImbued with the mysterious power of the imperial court.Ghost Of Tsushima Kyoto Twilight Headband Headband of the InvasionCalm before the storm. Overtaking all it sees. Rushing to the end.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of The Invasion Cropped Natural Vengeance HeadbandThe wilderness harbors danger and delight alike.Ghost Of Tsushima Natural Vengeance Headband Cropped Aozora HeadbandOptimism in the face of adversity is the samurai spirit.Ghost Of Tsushima Aozora Headband Cropped Headband of StrengthThe final defense. The mind recalls the teachings. Fight through the darkness.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Strength Cropped Headband of HopeEndure together. A heart refusing to fail. Overcome the odds.Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Hope Cropped Northern Farmer’s HatPreferred by the farmers of the colder Kamiagata climate.Ghost Of Tsushima Northern Farmers Hat Cropped Toyotama Straw HatFavored by those who haunt Toyotama’s marshes.Ghost Of Tsushima Toyotama Straw Hat Cropped Riverbed Straw HatA poor, humble traveler… or a deadly warrior?Ghost Of Tsushima Riverbed Straw Hat Cropped Oni’s Blade Straw HatThe wandering warrior who brings terror to evil spirits.Ghost Of Tsushima Onis Blade Straw Hat Cropped TengaiTrue mastery begins where individual ego ends.Ghost Of Tsushima Tengai Helmet Cropped White HeadbandThe will of a warrior is timeless and untouched by death.Ghost Of Tsushima White Headband Cropped Genbu Straw HatThe power of darkness and shadow.Ghost Of Tsushima Genbu Straw Hat Cropped

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