Google Assistant Guest Mode Stops All the Tracking

As a part of Google’s current focus on security, they announced a couple of new features coming soon to better protect your Google account, as well as your privacy when using the Google Assistant.

The first notable new feature will be a critical alert that will pop-up within the Google App should your account have a serious security issue you need to know about. You can see it in the image above, where a red circle will glow around your account icon. If you tap that, the pop-up menu will tell you about the security alert and what steps you may need to take to protect yourself.

Google would only say to expect this new alert system “soon.”

On the Google Assistant front, Google announced today that “in the coming weeks” we’ll be able to use a Guest mode with Google Assistant. With a voice command, you will be able to turn on Guest mode, so that none of your Assistant interactions will be saved to your Google account. You can leave Guest mode on or turn it off at any time to get back to everything saving as usual.

This news follows on the heals of Google announcing big Chrome password features yesterday.

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