Google Pixel Buds A-Series Arrive at $99

After f*cking up and briefly announcing them a few weeks back, Google officially revealed the Pixel Buds A-Series today, a cheaper pair of true wireless earbuds. Starting at $99.99, these could be yours in a couple of weeks if you like earbuds in white or green.

Google says the Pixel Buds A-Series feature 12mm dynamic custom speaker drivers, with “full, clear and natural sound” as well as a Bass Boost mode. They also utilize the spatial vent from the Pixel Buds (2nd Gen) to reduce pressure in the ear. They do calls and give you access to Google Assistant too, plus they’ll attempt to make those calls clearer as you move about noisy environments.

As far as hardware goes, they have touch controls, though it appears the swipe-able touchpads are gone. I’d tell you for sure, but Google didn’t give us the heads up, brief us, or send a review unit to test, so I have no idea. They are sweat and water resistant at IPX4 and should be solid for workouts.

In the battery life department, you should see around 5 hours of use with up to 24 hours of extra charge in the included charging case. This appears to be another cut, as I do not believe the case has wireless charging. Thanks again for not telling us a thing, Google. The case does do quick charging.

That’s all I know! They launch June 17 and come in Clearly White or Dark Olive. You can pre-order today.

We’ll buy a pair one day and try to review, I guess? There are likely 800 other reviews out today, so enjoy those.

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Pixel Buds A White

Pixel Buds A White

Pixel Buds A Dark Olive

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