Google’s FIFA World Cup Coverage is Everywhere From TV to Search and Bars

The 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off on November 20, so planning your life around it should have already begun if you care about the Beautiful Game on its biggest stage. Google has built in a bunch of tools and features throughout several of their own products to help you keep up.

In a blog post today, Google shared all of the ways you can keep track of the World Cup through Search, on Google TV and YouTube, and through Maps, because you might want to catch a match with a crowd at a local pub.

For those who will use Google Search for all things World Cup related, Google has added in a notification system to alert you about your team. Do a search for “world cup” and you’ll be able to tap the bell icon next to it to choose all of your favorite teams.

Google is also adding more detailed stats about matches, with probabilities and key events timelines. Maybe most importantly, you can pin live match scores to your home screens to keep track as they happen. Pretty cool.

Google even created a goofy game you can play before a match, where you and all of the fans from the competing teams try to score a bunch of goals to see who is the cooler fan, or something. You can see it below.

Google FIFA Game

Outside of Search, you’ll find highlights on YouTube, live coverage on YouTube TV on FOX and FS1. If you own a Google TV device, you’ll see a FIFA section that’ll help you jump into matches There will be plenty of video to consume, which one would expect.

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Maybe most importantly, Google will try to show on business listings if they will be “Showing the World Cup.” Doing a search of “Where to watch the world cup near me” should pop-up businesses that plan to show matches. The listings will look as you can see below.

Google Maps World Cup

10 days away.

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