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5G is live in Nigeria, and it’s time to level up your digital life. With 5G, you experience high-speed browsing, lightning-speed downloads and lag-free online mobile gaming.

It’s new, it works smoothly, and it’s going to change your life.

Getting started with 5G is an easy process. To get started with 5G, you will need to have either of two things: a 5G-enabled device or our MTN 5G router.

How to switch on 5G on your 5G-enabled device

5G in Nigeria is presently available on some selected Nokia, Xaaomi, Vivi and Huawei 5G smartphones. More compatible 5G phones will be added soon.

Switch to 5G on Android:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on Network & Internet
  • Tap Mobile Network
  • Select Preferred Network Type
  • Check the list of technologies available to see if 5G is available on your device.



Switch to 5G with the MTN 5G Router

If you do not have a 5G-enabled phone, you can still experience the premium 5G life without breaking the bank for a new 5G phone. You can get the MTN 5G router for just N50,000. 5G routers are currently available for order via this link:

If you purchase our 5G broadband router, you’ll get a welcome offer of 100GB data by texting 5GCPE to 131.

To set up the MTN 5G router, watch the video below.

Checking MTN 5G Coverage Areas

5G coverage is available in several locations nationwide. Click below to find out 5G covered areas.

Switch to MTN 5G today and enjoy a high-speed network that’s ten times faster than 4G.

Click this link to learn more:

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