Latest YouTube Widget Update Looks Fantastic

YouTube is rolling out a freshly updated look for its Android widgets to all users, one that has been floating around on and off again since at least November. This week, the updated widgets are officially here for those of you running an Android 13-powered device.

The widgets play very nicely with Android 13’s Material You, meaning based on your wallpaper and theme setting, the widgets can change colors. It’s lovely. As for the widget themselves, they allow you quick access to YouTube’s library of videos, your subscriptions, Shorts, Home, and your own library of uploads. There are two widgets to choose from in total.

If you’re liking the way these look, head into your widget home on your device and give them a whirl. So long as you’re running YouTube version 17.46.37 and Android 13, they should be in there.

Isn’t Material You the 🐐?

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