MTN Next Rated artist, X-Two J addresses unverified stories

MTN Next Rated artist, X-Two J addresses unverified stories


Name, brand name, what you do

I’m ThankGod Kelechi Johnny, my brand name is X-Two J. I do music, I’m an Afro-pop and R&B artist

How you got your stage name

The name X-TWO J came from the way I do my stuff, it means multiplication ” x2 “. I multiple in everything I do, my music, my energy, etc, I don’t minus. I will always give you a surprise of anything you throw at me more than you can think.

Experience with a fan going unclad in your concert

There was maximum security but you know love fears nothing. she was just a true fan who couldn’t hold her mind and self on me and my music that I respect so much, moreover (Coker to the world concert ) was my first concert in the hood, the love and energy my people have for me was too lit

MTN Next Rated artist, X-Two J addresses unverified stories

The female fan, Shatta Bandle, Wizkid, Dangote, what is the connect?

It’s a long story I can’t really explain but all I know is that I was just doing my thing and they all feel me. Big respect to them regardless of what the Internet said.

Aliko Dangote and N10m claim

I never mentioned, the internet did.

Music and social media influence on music

Yes, the internet has impacted a lot and I can’t touch them all. The value-added transcends my life and my music. To cut the long story short, the internet is a blessing for the music industry, entertainment industry and mostly a blessing to an independent artist like me. You can promote your music wherever you are without so much stress about travelling or going where you want your music to go.

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MTN Next Rated artist, X-Two J addresses unverified stories

X-Two J, Yemi Alade duo coming?

No collaboration for now with Yemi Alade. However, It feels really great for someone like her to feel my vibe. The reaction got I and her on top 3 Twitter trending chart same day she reacted to my song is something I really appreciate.

Any plans with Lil Wayne’s artiste, Baby E?

Sure, something hot coming, no cap.

2.7million streams, how did you do that?

Wow, it’s just a combination of smart hard work on God yeah, promoting myself with the internet. I got a lot of die-hard fans who really like with my music.

MTN Next Rated artist, X-Two J addresses unverified stories

Your wish for music industry

I will like to change the mentality of a lot of independent artists, inspiring them to change the way they think, they have to do whatever they can with whatever they have wherever they are. They don’t have to sit and wait until someone signs them on a record deal. I want them to understand that the talent ain’t enough you have to work hard invest in yourself before anyone else and this has nothing to do with believing in yourself and not putting in the energy to your craft.

…And your fans

To all my fans just be you, stay you and do you, and no matter what you do in life worldly or Godly be conscious of your spiritual life. #JESUSsaves.

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