New York state OKs landmark ‘right to repair’ bill for electronic devices

What you need to know

  • New York state has passed the first comprehensive “right to repair” bill in the U.S. covering electronic products.
  • The Digital Fair Repair Act will require OEMs to make the tools and parts needed to repair broken electronic devices available to consumers and independent shops.
  • The bill is currently awaiting signature by state Governor Kathy Hochul.

The Right to Repair movement has been pushing to abolish OEM restrictions that prevent consumers from repairing their own electronic hardware. That effort has now scored a major victory following the passage of the Digital Fair Repair Act by the New York state legislature.

New York state has passed the right-to-repair bill (opens in new tab) (Assembly Bill A7006B), which was introduced in April of last year. The legislation passed the state’s senate on June 1 and is now awaiting signature by Governor Kathy Hochul, who has long supported Right to Repair efforts.

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