One UI 5: Five things we want to see

Samsung overhauled its software efforts in the last two years, turning One UI into one of the best interfaces on Android. It did so by making gradual changes to the UI to make it feel more cohesive and modern, getting rid of TouchWiz elements, and adding unique features to allow One UI to stand out.

With Android 13 on the horizon, Samsung is working on the One UI 5 update for later this year, and we should be seeing a beta release sometime at the end of Q3. The current One UI 4.1 build gets a lot right: It has all the features Google introduced in Android 12, with Samsung offering its own take on the Material You color picker, introducing smart widgets that combine widgets so they don’t take up as much room on your home screen, camera tweaks — including a magic eraser feature similar to the Pixel 6 series — and so much more.

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