Pixel 7 specs leaked, including Tensor 2 and mysterious “Ravenclaw” phone

Google Pixel 6 Harry Potter RavenclawSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

It’s not even Spring yet but the Pixel 7 leaks have already sprung, with the first leak detailing three upcoming Google Pixel devices. In the leak from 9to5Google, we learn that Google is currently testing three devices with codenames “Cheetah,” “Panther,” and “Ravenclaw.”

As you might gather from the similarity between the two names, the Cheetah and Panther phones are likely the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Which device is which is anyone’s best guess at the moment, but both devices are powered by what appears to be the GS201 chip. That’s the follow-up to the Google Tensor — model number GS101 — which powers the Pixel 6 family of devices.

Additionally, the leak shows that this chipset is using a new Samsung modem with model number “g5300b.” That’s a step up from the “g5123b” modem that sits inside the Pixel 6 and could help Google avoid the Pixel 6 connectivity issues that we’ve seen several times since the launch of those phones.

Google Pixel 6a Renders
The rumored Pixel 6aSource: @OnLeaks / 91mobiles

That third device, “Ravenclaw,” is named something decidedly different from the feline-themed names of what we assume to be the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Given that the Pixel 6 uses bird-themed names — that’s Oriole and Raven — you might surmise that this device is a Pixel 6a.

While that could be the case, all existing Pixel 6a leaks point to that device’s codename being “Bluejay,” but nothing is out of the cards until it’s official.

Ravenclaw, according to the leak, is powered by that new modem but doesn’t reference a specific chipset being used with the modem. Whether this is a Pixel 7a or something else entirely is anyone’s best guess, but it’s certainly likely any Pixel a-series phone will land alongside the best budget Android phones when it does arrive.

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