Pixel Buds Pro Gets Sweet New 5-Band EQ

In mid-September, code was discovered inside of the Pixel Buds app that pointed to the upcoming arrival of a 5-band EQ for the Pixel Buds Pro, as well as a new left/right balance control. As announced this morning, this update has officially arrived and is now rolling out “slowly” to users.

According to Google’s post that details the update, users will have sliders for five different frequency bands, as well as 6 presets tuned by Google’s own audio engineers. Once a user has selected their profile, it will be used regardless of what device your Buds Pro are connected to.

We’re slowly rolling out the next firmware update for Pixel Buds Pro over the next week. The update contains a full 5-band EQ, with sliders for five different frequency bands, and 6 presets tuned by our audio engineers. Once you have configured your preferred settings in the Pixel Buds app, they will be implemented on your Pixel Buds Pro no matter which device (i.e laptop, phone, watch, etc.) you are listening from.

In addition to the 5-band EQ, Google says that the update contains controls for left/right balance, as well as general bug fixes and improvements.

Good times.

// Google Support

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