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The next generation of automotive experiences, in which a car’s camera and sensors are able to recognize and respond to changes in the driver’s condition, such as drowsiness and cognitive distraction, is officially here.


At CES® 2023, Samsung Electronics is introducing its latest in-vehicle innovation developed jointly with HARMAN: Ready Care. This solution connects the driver’s personal experiences and the driving environment are more organically, wherein the vehicle is able to activate tailored interventions via in-car features according to changes in the driver. Also on the show is Ready Tune, HARMAN’s new car audio technology built with the company’s premium audio performance.


Samsung Newsroom is inviting you to take a tour of the company’s booth at CES to explore how the new In-Cabin eXperience (ICX) is going beyond merely just transportation and is expanding into the lifestyle arena.




Creating the Optimal Driving Environment That Puts the User First

One of the major variables that can determine the driving environment, no matter the trip, is the driver’s condition. Whether you’re distracted by making a mental to-do list for the chores that evening or simply exhausted from a long day’s work, cognitive distraction and drowsiness while driving are directly linked to safety. This is why Samsung’s latest solutions, which determine the condition of the driver and then activate car features correspondingly, have been designed to create a safer automotive environment.


Ready Care is an innovative solution that enables a vehicle to directly recognize the physical and emotional condition of its driver and amend car functionality accordingly thanks to such key features as its Cognitive Load measurement technology and Stress-free Routing.

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Detecting and Resolving Driver Cognitive Distraction Through Machine Learning

Ready Care’s Cognitive Load measurement feature detects the driver’s condition through their facial expression, the gaze of their eyes, the way their eyelids open and more thanks to newly-developed machine learning technology. The subsequent key functionality of this solution is that, once the driver’s condition has been comprehensively assessed, features and steps customized to the situation can be applied.



This feature tracks the field of view and cognitive ability of the driver in real-time via in-car cameras and sensors. For example, say a driver has their eyes on the road but in actuality is deep in thought about some key presentation at work, the car’s internal environment will subsequently change in order to bring the driver’s attention back to driving through an alert as well as through changes to the audio volume, lighting and A/C.




Providing A More Comfortable Way Home With Stress-free Routing

In order to provide a stressed driver with the most peaceful way home, the Stress-free Routing feature harnesses the driver’s wearable device to detect their heart rate and, if necessary, will provide alternative routes if the current one being followed includes such stressful scenarios as traffic jams and weather-related issues.



What’s more, thanks to SmartThings connectivity between a driver’s car and their home, the driver can make sure their arrival is as pleasant as possible by remotely setting their devices to Relaxing mode  managing their TV, air purifier, lighting and more. Such inter-connectivity unites the user’s automotive experience with their home life, taking the stress out of the daily commute and allowing the driver to relax, knowing that their home is ready and waiting for them.

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Upgrade Your Audio System at the Touch of a Button With Ready Tune

Samsung’s presentation at CES 2023 also features a dedicated booth showcasing HARMAN’s new car audio technology, Ready Tune, which utilizes proprietary acoustic technologies to upgrade base level audio systems for enhanced branded listening experiences at the touch of a button.


Ready Tune enables users to customize immersive, differentiated sound experiences according to their preferences and features Live Mode, which replicates the acoustics of live stadium performances; Talk Mode, which enhances spoken content, such as podcasts, audiobooks and phone conversations, through customized filters; and Club Mode, which provides crisp bass experiences beyond traditional speaker capabilities.



Consumers are growing ever more expectant that their experiences within their cars rival those that they have with their mobile and other IT devices. In order to provide such experiences, Samsung and HARMAN are working hard to develop automotive electronics technologies that provide differentiated ICX experiences to users.


Following their presentation at CES, Samsung plans to focus on continuing to develop technologies that make their users’ lives even more convenient by organically connecting their in-car experiences with their at-home and daily lifestyle ones. HARMAN is similarly set on solidifying its presence within the automotive electronic solution market through the digital cockpit, the key to providing such convenient services.


To learn more about the future-forward ICX being introduced at this year’s CES, take a look at the video below.


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