These Apps stole your Facebook Login details

Evina discovered some 25 malicious apps from the Google Play Store contained Facebook-hacking malware prompting their removal by Google from the Play Store. That means it’s time once again to check your Android device to make sure you didn’t accidentally install a crappy app.

The list of apps includes flashlight tools, pedometers, image editors, and more, but they’re all basically the same app. Sure, they all perform their different features as advertised, and they look different on the surface, but they all contain the same malicious code built to steal your Facebook login information.

The facebook-hacking apps would check if the Facebook app was open in the background, then sneak a browser tab with a fake Facebook login page into the open background app’s window, enticing you to fill in your info. The fake page would copy your login and password and send them to a remote server that has since been shut down.

Here’s the list of removed apps from Evina’s report:

Apps removed from Google Play should automatically be removed from any devices they were installed on, but it’s worth double-checking—especially if you have side-loaded anything on your device. If affected, you should reset your Facebook password and update your security settings—enabling two-factor authentication is always a good bet—right away. You might be affected if you ever installed any of the apps in the past. Be safe out there.

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