Updated macOS Big Sur installer resolves installation bug

Apple on Monday released an updated macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 installer that properly checks for free disk space to prevent errors during the installation process.

The revision patches a critical bug in previous macOS Big Sur installers that could result in installation failure and data loss.

On Monday, Apple issued a new installer that properly checks for available disk space. If it detects that there isn’t enough, it will halt the installation process and let users know how much additional space is needed. That’s according to Mr. Macintosh, which first discovered the installation bug.

The bug reportedly impacted past versions of the macOS Big Sur installer, and appears to date back to the first shipping versions of macOS Big Sur that launched in November 2020.

Because past installers failed to check for available disk space, they’d continue to run through the installation process until all available storage was exhausted. That resulted in an install loop, and possible data loss.

Macs required at least 35.5GB of free space to upgrade to macOS Big Sur, not including the 13GB installer itself.

The publication also appears to be the first to have alerted Apple to the issue.

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