WWDC HomeKit changes, new product launches, & listener questions on HomeKit Insider

On this week’s episode of HomeKit Insider, we talk about all the news for the week including the bonanza from WWDC, and answer a few listener questions.

We saw a pair of product launches for the week, notably, HomeKit arriving on the Sensibo Pure air purifier, making it the fourth HomeKit-enabled air purifier after Molekule, SmartMi, and VOCOlinc. Aqara also brought its M2 hub to the US with several improvements over the original such as a hardwired Ethernet connection and an improved design that no longer protrudes from the wall and blocks the adjacent outlet.

Andrew has already written much about what’s new with HomeKit in Apple’s forthcoming update but we break it down for this episode of the podcast. Stephen explains his favorite new features while Andrew touches on his as well.

Since recording the episode, more info has come from WWDC sessions. Apple has confirmed how Matter will integrate into HomeKit. As a result of that, users can expect HomeKit to adopt many new device categories that are inherited from Matter. As Matter adds new categories, HomeKit will support them as well.

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